Integrated Access Control and Video Analytics!

September 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Slider

Video analytics is smart video surveillance with the ability to alert end users of events in progress. Video Analytics Systems use artificial intelligence and algorithm to alert users of abnormal activities, crowd gathering, missing objects, left behind objects, and other user programmable alerts. These alerts may be sent as emails, text messages, visual alerts and more.

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC enterprise grade wireless network camera deployment consisting of multi-point to point, point to point, wireless mesh and backhaul. communications are the backbone for any high tech security integration involving multiple locations on a large property or town. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC has the experience to design and create wireless networks with ISP networks and fiber optics, to handle all your security, video and data needs.

Access control technically includes the time-honored mechanical lock and key, but when people talk about access control in the modern security industry, they mean sophisticated electronic turnstiles, gates, wireless locks and other barriers.

Keys can be lost, stolen and copied, leaving assets vulnerable and requiring an expensive change of locks. Happily, when an electronic access card is lost or stolen, access rights can be withdrawn immediately, rendering the card inactive. Should thieves gain access before a theft is noticed, operators can identify when they breached security and – if there are multiple access points – where in the building they are at any given time.

Modern access-control systems also offer flexible access rights. For example, while all staff can generally gain access through a building’s main entrance, access to certain internal areas may be restricted to those with relevant authority. Access can also be restricted to specific time periods.