Commercial Video Surveillance System Philadelphia Wilmington

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Industrial video surveillance analytics and artificial intelligence

Commercial Video Surveillance System Philadelphia Wilmington 1-888-344-3846. Northeast Remote Surveillance and alarm, LLC. provide enterprise-grade commercial video surveillance in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. Advance video analytics provide smart video surveillance with the ability to accurately alert management and security of abnormal activities and events in progress. Our partner Avigilon a Motorola Systems Company provides our clients with the most advanced video surveillance systems in the Commercial Video Surveillance Industry.

The basis of a great video surveillance system is the ability to categorize vehicles and people. Avigilon does it best with advanced cameras utilizing onboard analytics. This method reduces the bandwidth requirement and processing power needed at the server. Analytic Video surveillance cameras have the ability to record video locally or send the stream back to a Dell Enterprise Grade service thru fiber optics, wireless point to point, wireless mesh or 4g mobile.

Commercial Video Surveillance System Philadelphia Wilmington
Avigilon Video Analytics in operation.


Commercial Video Surveillance System Philadelphia Wilmington utilizing NRSEC and our partner provides our commercial video surveillance system clients with an easy to use reliable VMS solution.  Security experts agree that the best way to secure a facility is to thwart events in progress. Video analytics gives the ability to reliably customize alerts for operators both local and remote. Some of our clients chose to utilize our video monitoring company to intervene in events while some prefer their own local guards. No matter what option you chose we have the technology, tools, and experience to give you the edge and most advanced video surveillance options available.Commercial Video Surveillance System Philadelphia Wilmington


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Commercial Video Surveillance System Philadelphia Wilmington