About Industrial Security

Industrial Security is based on several lines of defense and a comprehensive approach which refers to the protection of industrial installations, resources, utilities, materials, and classified information essential to protection from loss or damage.

The electronic surveillance industry is a broad industry comprising numerous categories of products ranging in technological complexity. However, they all generally serve a similar purpose, which is to detect intrusion, monitor systems and areas, and record responses. Surveillance systems can be as simple as a video camera or as complex as biometric surveillance systems that respond to facial patterns or retina screens. Electronic surveillance systems can also be used to track computer usage or conduct data mining, or may simply be a human acting as a security guard. It is a very dynamic industry.

Video surveillance systems comprise one of the largest segments of the electronic surveillance market. According to the Electronic Security Association, it is also one of the fastest growing segments, expected to grow annually by 9.1 percent during 2013 and 2014. High definition and megapixel resolution security cameras have grown substantially in popularity, the latter of which are expected to outsell standard resolution network security cameras during 2012 for the first time ever. Growth is expected to be driven by devices capable of wirelessly streaming video from mobile cameras to control centers. This reflects an improvement over prior generation products that required downloading. Other trends in the video surveillance market include the targeting of smaller customers, intelligent video surveillance, remote video applications, incorporating video data into “big data” analysis and the growth in the use of cloud computing.

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