Transportation Security Systems

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Since 9/11, security has moved a quantum leap forward in technology, but the business processes to use this new technology are still in development. Identity Management is at the core of this emerging new view of security. Security systems do not operate on the same financial principles as most other investments. The Return-On-Investment of a security system is usually measured in reduction of fear that something bad will occur, but the investment is still measured in dollars. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm. Website: Phone:888-344-3846

The integrated security application employs different security sensors and systems:
Intrusion detection systems
Electronic access control
Video surveillance for day and night
Monitoring and documentation
Fire alarm
Emergency phones
Remote control of guards’ tours

The Redundancy in our Command & Control Center facilitates operator intuitive-visualization of the incoming data for better understanding of the current situation and dramatically decreases the response time to an emergency situation. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm. Website: Phone:888-344-3846

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